SRS Development

Mangan: Leading the Way in

Safety Requirements Specification (SRS) Development

At the intersection of risk mitigation and operational efficiency lies the Safety Requirements Specification (SRS), a cornerstone of Mangan’s expansive portfolio of functional safety engineering services. Serving as the blueprint for the design, implementation, and operation of safety instrumented systems (SIS), SRS is vital in establishing system reliability and effectiveness.

01  Methodical Approach to SRS Development

01  Methodical Approach to

SRS Development
Mangan employs a meticulous approach to SRS development, marked by strategic planning and adherence to international safety standards. Our robust process includes the following critical stages:
  • System Definition: As a preliminary step, our team carries out an exhaustive definition of the system. We delve into aspects such as safety instrumented functions (SIFs), safety integrity levels (SILs), and the precise equipment under control. This process aids in identifying the specific needs of the system and establishes a strong foundation for the subsequent stages.
  • Detailed Specification: The heart of our SRS development lies in creating a comprehensive specification. Our expert team outlines the necessary functions and performance requirements of the SIS in an explicit and precise manner. This guideline serves as a crucial reference point for system designers, installers, and operators.
  • Risk Analysis: A profound risk analysis is conducted to determine the SIL of each SIF. This process involves a systematic assessment of factors such as the severity of process hazards, their likelihood of occurrence, and the effectiveness of existing protection layers. The outcome provides valuable input to the SRS, ensuring it addresses real and potential risks adequately.
  • Thorough Documentation: Our commitment to transparency and traceability is reflected in our comprehensive documentation process. We ensure every decision, assumption, and design choice is meticulously documented, promoting clear communication of safety requirements, and facilitating future system reviews and audits.

02  Mangan's Value Proposition in SRS Development

02  Mangan's Value Proposition in

SRS Development
Choosing Mangan for your SRS development unlocks a host of strategic advantages:
  • Enhanced System Reliability: By accurately defining the safety requirements, we facilitate the design of robust and reliable safety systems that are capable of effectively mitigating process risks.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our SRS development services are fully aligned with international safety standards, including IEC 61511 and ANSI/ISA 84. This alignment not only ensures compliance but also enhances the safety and integrity of your operations.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: A well-crafted SRS serves as the cornerstone for efficient system design and operation, playing a crucial role in minimizing potential system failures and production downtimes.

03  Mangan: Your Strategic Partner in SRS Development

03  Mangan: Your Strategic Partner

in SRS Development

At Mangan, we understand the intricate requirements of functional safety engineering. Our team of skilled professionals brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, offering an in-depth understanding of your safety system requirements.

Choose Mangan for your SRS development needs and gain the advantage of our unwavering commitment to safety, meticulous attention to detail, and adherence to industry standards. Allow us to help you design and implement robust safety solutions that not only protect your assets and personnel but also significantly minimize risks and boost operational efficiency. Reach out to us today to explore our comprehensive SRS development services and experience the Mangan difference.