SIS to DCS/BPCS Integration

Mangan: Elevating Operational Excellence with

Superior SIS to DCS/BPCS Integration

In the intricate world of process safety management, integrating Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) with Distributed Control Systems or Basic Process Control Systems (DCS/BPCS) is of paramount importance. This union is a critical step towards enhancing process safety, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. At Mangan, a premier player in functional safety engineering, we deliver exceptional SIS to DCS/BPCS integration services tailored to your specific operational needs and safety objectives.

01  Expertise in SIS to DCS/BPCS Integration

Mangan’s team of seasoned engineers brings their deep understanding and extensive experience in both SIS and DCS/BPCS to the table. They leverage their expertise to deliver efficient and compliant integration services, addressing key areas such as:
  • SIS and DCS/BPCS Communication Setup
  • Process and Safety Interlock Configuration
  • Safety and Operational Data Integration
  • System Security Management
Each area is crucial, working collectively to enhance the safety performance and operational efficiency of your process systems.

02  Systematic and Meticulous Approach

02  Systematic and

Meticulous Approach
Our team follows a robust methodology in executing SIS to DCS/BPCS integration to guarantee optimal outcomes:
  • Initial Assessment: We begin by performing an in-depth analysis of your existing SIS and DCS/BPCS setup, operational needs, and safety requirements, providing us with the necessary foundation to design an appropriate integration strategy.
  • Integration Design: Based on the assessment findings, we design a custom integration plan that aligns with recognized safety standards, operational efficiency goals, and your specific requirements.
  • Implementation and Testing: Following the design phase, we implement the integration and conduct rigorous testing to verify its effectiveness, reliability, and compliance with safety standards.
  • Documentation and Training: Upon successful testing, we offer comprehensive documentation detailing the integration and its operational procedures. We also provide thorough training to equip your team with the knowledge to operate and maintain the integrated system effectively.

03  Committed to Long-term Safety and Efficiency

03  Committed to Long-term

Safety and Efficiency

Beyond the integration, Mangan remains your committed partner in ensuring optimal system performance. We offer ongoing support, periodic assessments, and system updates, aligned with evolving operational needs or safety standards.

Choosing Mangan for your SIS to DCS/BPCS integration needs brings you a partner devoted to achieving your safety and operational efficiency objectives. Connect with us today and let Mangan elevate your process safety management to new heights. With Mangan, you’re not just embracing safety – you’re embracing excellence.