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Expert SIS TAR Support

Turnarounds (TAR) are crucial, highly regulated maintenance activities in any process industry. During these periods, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) demand meticulous attention to ensure they are performing optimally and ready to safely support resumption of operations. Recognizing the importance of effective TAR management, Mangan offers expert SIS TAR Support. Our services are designed to help you navigate through the complexities of turnarounds without compromising on safety, operational efficiency, or regulatory compliance.

01  Expert I/CWP Development Services

Our specialized team of SIS professionals brings together extensive industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a commitment to safety to offer you a comprehensive suite of TAR support services, which include:
  • Detailed pre-TAR planning and preparation,
  • Comprehensive SIS inspection and rigorous testing,
  • Thorough analysis and swift resolution of identified issues,
  • Post-TAR performance verification and thorough documentation for future reference.
Each of these components plays a significant role in ensuring your SIS are well-prepared and equipped to handle the demands of a turnaround.

02  Our Structured, Systematic Approach to SIS TAR Support

02  Our Structured, Systematic

Approach to SIS TAR Support
At Mangan, we believe in the power of methodical planning and execution. Our approach to providing SIS TAR support is structured and systematic, encompassing:
  • Pre-TAR Planning: Our support begins well before the actual turnaround, as we assist you with meticulous planning and preparation. This includes a comprehensive review of the SIS design, identification of key focus areas, and development of a strategic testing and inspection plan.
  • SIS Inspection & Testing: During the TAR, our team conducts a detailed inspection and rigorous testing of the SIS. We are equipped to identify any potential issues that might interfere with its performance or safety capabilities.
  • Issue Resolution: If any issues are identified during the testing phase, our team promptly investigates and resolves them, ensuring your SIS is optimally configured and calibrated for safe and efficient operations.
  • Post-TAR Verification: Following the completion of the turnaround, we verify the performance of the SIS. We confirm its compliance with the safety standards and provide a comprehensive report with detailed documentation for future reference.

03  Choosing Mangan: Choosing a Partner in Turnaround Excellence

03  Choosing Mangan: Choosing

a Partner in Turnaround Excellence

When you choose Mangan for your SIS TAR support, you are not just selecting a service provider. You are engaging a dedicated partner who understands the intricacies of turnarounds and the vital role that a functioning SIS plays during this period.

At Mangan, we recognize the importance of maintaining safety, minimizing downtime, and ensuring smooth transitions during and after turnarounds. We apply our wealth of industry experience, coupled with technical expertise, to deliver SIS TAR support that meets your unique operational needs and surpasses your expectations.

Trust Mangan for expert, comprehensive SIS TAR support. We are here to ensure your turnarounds are not just successful, but also safe and seamless. By choosing Mangan, you’re selecting more than a service provider – you’re choosing a dedicated partner committed to upholding your safety, productivity, and operational excellence.