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At Mangan, we provide leading NFPA 85-86-87 compliance services, ensuring both the safe and efficient operation of your organization’s combustion and process heating systems. Our total commitment to excellence and expertise in NFPA compliance sets us apart and make us the preferred partner for a significant number of companies.
NFPA 85, 86, and 87 are essential standards for the design, installation, operation, as well as maintenance of combustion and process heating systems. These include boilers, furnaces, ovens and fluid heaters. Mangan’s team of quality engineers possesses a thorough understanding of these standards and we offer unmatched expertise to help your organization through the compliance process.
Our NFPA 85-86-87 compliance services will utilize a comprehensive hazard and risk assessment. We will identify any hazards, assess your organization’s associated risks, and then implement effective safety measures to address each one. By accurately identifying and addressing your hazards, we can implement customized safety solutions that are tailored to your organization’s individual needs.

01  Verification and Validation for NFPA 85, 86, and 87

01  Verification and Validation

for NFPA 85, 86, and 87

Mangan’s team of experts is commited to designing and implementing combustion and process heating systems that meet the requirements of NFPA 85,86,87. Our detail-oriented verification and validation process ensures that your organization’s systems will function as intended, thus protecting your assets and personnel. We employ a variety of methods which include focused design reviews, rigorous failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), and solid hazard analysis, to guarantee your compliance with all the highest industry standards.

02 Ongoing NFPA 85-86-87 Assessments from Mangan

02 Ongoing NFPA 85-86-87

Assessments from Mangan

In order to maintain the long-term effectiveness of our combustion and process heating systems, our team of skilled experts will conduct regular maintenance and assessments as required by NFPA 85-86-87. By proactively addressing changes in technology as well as operating conditions, we will ensure that your systems remain both up to date as well as effective in mitigating risks.

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