LOPA Revalidation & Action Item Closure

Ensuring Safety and Compliance with

LOPA Revalidation & Action Item Closure

In the intricate realm of functional safety engineering, Mangan stands out with its comprehensive services including Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) revalidation and action item closure. These processes form an integral part of the safety life cycle, contributing to the continuous improvement and compliance of safety systems.

01  LOPA Revalidation: A Key to Continuous Safety Improvement

LOPA revalidation, a service offered by Mangan, is a systematic process that reassesses the accuracy and relevance of the original LOPA study. It is crucial to reflect changes in process operations, system modifications, incident learnings, and updates in standards and best practices. The process involves:
  • Review of Initial LOPA: Our team revisits the initial LOPA study, understanding its basis, assumptions, and outcomes.
  • Evaluation of Changes: Any changes in process design, operations, or risk scenarios since the original LOPA are evaluated.
  • Revalidation of Analysis: Based on the current conditions, we revalidate the initial LOPA, reassessing the risk levels and the effectiveness of the Independent Protection Layers (IPLs).
  • Development of Action Plan: If necessary, we develop an action plan for further risk mitigation measures, ensuring compliance with risk tolerance criteria.

02  Action Item Closure: Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Compliance

02  Action Item Closure: Mitigating

Risks and Ensuring Compliance
Action item closure is another crucial aspect of our functional safety services. Once a LOPA study or revalidation identifies the need for additional risk reduction measures, these become action items that need to be addressed promptly. Mangan assists in:
  • Prioritizing Action Items: Based on the severity and likelihood of potential incidents, we prioritize the action items.
  • Developing Solutions: Our team develops robust solutions to address each action item, ensuring effective risk mitigation.
  • Implementation and Verification: We assist in the implementation of these solutions and verify their effectiveness upon completion.
  • Documentation and Communication: All actions taken are thoroughly documented and communicated, ensuring transparency, and facilitating future audits.

03  Why Choose Mangan for LOPA Revalidation & Action Item Closure?

03  Why Choose Mangan for LOPA

Revalidation & Action Item Closure?
Mangan’s expertise in LOPA revalidation and action item closure provides clients with:
  • Assured Safety and Compliance: Our processes ensure that your safety systems continuously meet the risk tolerance criteria and comply with standards such as IEC 61511 and ANSI/ISA 84.
  • Optimized Risk Management: By regularly revalidating the LOPA and addressing action items, we ensure that risks are effectively managed and mitigated.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Through our systematic approach, we help identify and address potential weaknesses in your safety systems, improving their reliability and efficiency.
Trust Mangan with your LOPA revalidation and action item closure needs. Our commitment to safety, in-depth industry knowledge, and systematic approach ensures robust solutions for your functional safety requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services. Experience safety and compliance made simpler with Mangan.