IPL & SIF Allocation

Independent Protection Layer (IPL) & Safety
Instrumented Function (SIF) Allocation:

Functional Safety Engineering Services with Mangan

Functional safety engineering services from Mangan encompass the crucial areas of Independent Protection Layer (IPL) and Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) allocation. These two elements are a vital part of a risk management approach, with Mangan helping clients in effectively mitigating process hazards as well as maintaining safe operational conditions.

01  IPL Allocation with Mangan

AN IPL is a device, action, or system that can prevent scenarios from progressing to an unwanted event, independent of the initiating event or action from any other layer.
IPL allocation is crucial in managing process safety risks and a key output of a Layers of Pretection Analysis (LOPA). IPLs serve in reducing risk to acceptable levels through providing redundancy as well as diversity in safety systems.

02  SIF Allocation - Safety Instrumented

Function from Mangan

SIF allocation, however, involves the assignment of specific safety functions to safety instrumented systems (SIS) for the management of identified risks. Each SIF is created to achieve certain Safety Integrity Levels (SILs), which reflect the necessary reliability as well as performance of the function. Correct SIF allocation is critical in ensuring the effectiveness of the SIS.

03  Consulting in IPL and SIF

Allocation with Mangan

Mangan’s experienced functional safety engineers offer expert guidance in IPL & SIF allocation. Mangan collaborates with their clients, understanding both their processes as well as potential hazards, working to determine appropriate IPLs and SIFs. Mangan’s rigorous approach ensures each safety function is accurately defined as well as effectively implemented, which offers maximum risk reduct

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In summary, Mangan expertise in both IPL and SIF allocations forms a vital part of functional safety engineering services. The Mangan commitment to both safety and operational reliability, combined with in-depth engineering knowledge of industry standards and best practices, makes sure that robust and effective safety solutions are provided. Partner with Mangan for your functional safety needs and experience the Mangan commitment to safety, reliability, and operational efficiency.