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Independent Protection Layer (IPL) Assessments

Safety remains paramount in process industries, and Mangan’s functional safety engineering services play a crucial role in maintaining this safety. One such service is our Independent Protection Layer (IPL) assessments. These rigorous evaluations ensure that each safety layer within your system performs its intended function, contributing to a safer and more reliable operation.

01  A Deep-Dive into IPL Assessments

The purpose of an IPL assessment is to identify as well as evaluate the safety measures in places that can prevent or mitigate hazardous events. Our IPL assessments involve:
  • System Analysis: Our team conducts a thorough examination of your process systems and operations to identify potential hazards.
  • Identification of IPLs: We identify the existing independent protection layers that could potentially prevent or mitigate the identified hazards.
  • Evaluation of IPL Effectiveness: Each identified IPL undergoes a detailed assessment to determine its effectiveness and reliability in averting the specified hazardous events.
  • SIL Assignment: Based on the effectiveness of the IPLs, we assign a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) to each Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) in compliance with standards like IEC 61511 and ANSI/ISA 84.

02  Why do IPL Assessments Matter?

IPL assessments can offer several benefits:
  • Enhanced Safety: By identifying and evaluating the effectiveness of IPLs, we ensure that your systems are equipped with reliable safety measures, thereby enhancing operational safety.
  • Compliance Assurance: Our IPL assessments ensure that your safety systems comply with international safety standards and industry best practices.
  • Risk Management: Through our assessments, we help you identify potential risks and manage them effectively by assigning appropriate SILs to your SIFs.

03  Be Sure to Choose Mangan for IPL Assessments

03  Be Sure to Choose Mangan for

IPL Assessments
Our IPL assessments reflect Mangan’s commitment to safety, and our team of skilled experts brings to the table their experience as well as technical acumen. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail as well as our adherence to industry standards, ensuring that our assessments deliver robust, reliable, and comprehensive results. Partner with Mangan for your IPL assessments and gain the advantage of our deep understanding of functional safety, our commitment to safety and compliance, and our drive for excellence. Let us help you bolster your safety systems, minimize risks, and maintain a safe and efficient operation. Reach out to us today to learn more about our IPL assessment services and how they can benefit your organization. With Mangan, experience a true commitment to safety.