Mangan – Ensuring Uncompromising System Performance through

Comprehensive FAT, SAT, and PSSR Services

In the multifaceted landscape of process safety management, stringent verification and validation of system performance and safety compliance are critical. These pivotal elements are actualized through meticulously executed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), and Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) processes. Mangan, a globally recognized provider of functional safety engineering services, offers holistic FAT, SAT, and PSSR services. Our purposefully designed solutions assure system performance, enforce stringent safety compliance, and guarantee operational readiness.

01  In-depth FAT, SAT, and PSSR Services

At Mangan, our team of expert engineers demonstrates commendable prowess in delivering reliable and efficient FAT, SAT, and PSSR services. Our robust service offerings span across essential areas such as:
  • Comprehensive System Performance Verification
  • In-depth Operational and Safety Function Testing
  • Rigorous Regulatory Compliance Checks
  • Detailed Documentation Review and Validation
These crucial elements of our services work cohesively to ascertain the readiness of your system for safe and optimal operations, in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

02  Structured Approach and Unwavering Attention to Detail

02  Structured Approach

and Unwavering Attention to Detail
Adhering to a meticulous approach, our engineers ensure that each testing phase is carried out systematically and with unwavering attention to detail:
  • FAT: The Factory Acceptance Testing phase, conducted at the equipment manufacturer’s facility, involves an in-depth verification and validation of system functionality and safety performance. The goal is to ensure strict adherence to design specifications, thus eliminating potential operational or safety issues prior to on-site installation.
  • SAT: Following successful FAT and system installation at your site, we carry out Site Acceptance Testing. This phase serves to confirm the correct installation of the system, its operational readiness, and safety compliance, considering the nuances of the specific operational environment.
  • PSSR: Just before system startup, a comprehensive Pre-Startup Safety Review is undertaken. This involves a detailed examination of hardware and software elements, as well as procedural aspects. The primary objective is to ensure that all safety requirements are satisfactorily met, and the system is primed for safe operation.

03  Unwavering Commitment to Long-term Safety and Efficiency

03  Unwavering Commitment to

Long-term Safety and Efficiency

Our commitment to your system’s operational efficiency and safety compliance extends beyond the FAT, SAT, and PSSR phases. We offer continual support, periodic assessments, and system updates to ensure alignment with evolving operational needs or updates in safety standards.

Partnering with Mangan for your FAT, SAT, and PSSR needs offers more than a service provider – you gain an ally committed to your safety and operational excellence. By choosing Mangan, you’ll experience an unwavering commitment to superior service delivery, rigorous safety compliance, and unparalleled operational efficiency. Let Mangan guide your process safety management journey to its optimal potential. Embrace safety. Embrace excellence. With Mangan, your safety is our promise, your operational efficiency is our goal, and your trust is our greatest achievement.